Besides Paddling

Here are some other adventures that you might encounter during your week in Hawaii…

1.    Freediving

Freediving is one of my most favorite things, and you never know what you will find beneath the surface.  If you are really lucky, you might even get to have a private fish-poking lesson with our resident fish poking expert Sanja DuPlessis…Don’t worry if you aren’t entirely confident in your underwater ability. Hawaii is the perfect place to experience the ocean regardless of your diving skills. You will have just as much fun floating on the surface as you will freediving beneath it.

2.    River Paddling and Rope Swinging

We have never met a rope swing we didn’t like, and there are a few really good ones that are off the beaten path.  If you aren’t into rope swinging, river paddling and “tree barreling” can be fun too.

3.    Surfing and Bodysurfing

In addition to these adventures, we could go for a sunset sailing cruise, hike up to check out Hawaii’s amazing views, or if you would prefer you can always just spend an afternoon lounging beside the pool. If you are really lucky, our good friend Leane Darling might show up for an impromptu appearance on the camping flute…all she needs is a fire…

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