After a few days of driving around Costa Rica, we finally found surf.  Playa Avellanas near Tamarindo turned out to have several fun waves from a fast beach break to a big outer reef spot.

small but fast beach break

somewhat bigger outer reef break

A lot of times on trips like these, you find yourself with a lot of downtime.  The winds have been great in the morning, which has made for killer surf, but most days it switches onshore around noon leaving with us with not much to do.

walking through the mangroves to the beach

The good news is that we brought our TRX along, and were able to do some Costa Rica beach training in the downtime.  Because all you need to get a good workout from the TRX is a tree or an overhang of some sort, it makes working out really fun.  It is so much better to be outside on the beach getting stronger than it is in the gym, and both the TRX and the surf stronger workout have been so beneficial to us as standup paddleboarders.

Here are a few exercises that I have found to be especially helpful for standup (all of which are found in the surf stronger workout, which I love…)

One leg squats

It might not seem like leg strength is that important to standup surfing, but in reality, it is so helpful to have strong legs.  Standup boards are quite a bit bigger than regular surfboards and it takes more effort to maneuver them around.  I really like the one legged squats for leg strength.


Pikes with the TRX are one of the ones that when people see us doing them they have to come over and ask what it is all about.  We were doing these on the beach and were approached by several other surfers who wanted to try it out.  A few of them did and were so excited about it’s workout potential.

My favorite....

This particular exercise is my personal favorite.  I think it is a great all around drill for every muscle in your body, and it is really helpful to improve in the surf.  The movement mimics a turn in surfing and strengthens all of the muscles you need to pull off some fun turns.

So, thanks to the TRX and the Surf Stronger workout, we have been keeping fit here in Costa Rica in between surf sessions.  For more info, check out

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