May/June 2012:  San Diego to Colorado Roadtrip…

Part 1:  Orange County to Las Vegas
Part 2:  Moab, Utah
Part 3:  Gypsum, Colorado
Part 4:  Shoshone Whitewater Run

October 2011: Roadtrip up the California Coast…

it’s a girls trip…

Part 1: San Diego to Malibu
Part 2: Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez
Part 3: Jalama to Pebble Beach
Part 4: Santa Cruz
Part 5: San Fransisco

February 2011:  Destination 3 Costa Rica

Costa Rican Standup Paddle Roadtrip…Check out the stops

April to May 2010:  Destination 3 Degrees

82 mile paddle through the night from Oahu to Kauai

The idea…

Three degrees of latitude separate the islands of Hawaii. Nine legendary and infamous open-ocean channels link them together. Drawn by ritual, necessity, competition and challenge, watermen have long conquered and been conquered by these channels…but never in an adventure quite like this.

In April 2010, Jenny Kalmbach and Morgan Hoesterey, two of the world’s elite female standup paddleboarders, made their way across each of these channels, setting competition aside to chase the ultimate prize: ocean adventure. Inspired by their love of the ocean, Destination 3° is even more than a standup paddle adventure, more than an ocean challenge, and more than two women pushing the edges of themselves and their sport, it is a way to give back.

Destination 3° put Jenny and Morgan in a unique and powerful position to raise awareness and funds to help benefit Algalita Marine Research Foundation in their efforts to understand and protect the oceans from the impacts of plastics contamination. Three degrees over an expanse of water may be a challenge, but in the end, the real challenge is stoking the fires of adventure and awareness of the world that makes it all possible.