Despite what it took for us to get there, Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula was absolutely amazing.  We spent a few days hanging out at La Paloma lodge, Jenny’s parent’s place.  A short walk from our rooms was a river we could take our standup boards to explore and right outside the “harbor” was a small left break.  The break wasn’t big at all, but the rides were long and we spent almost every evening playing in the knee-high waves.

One afternoon after jumping off the bridge over the river, we were lounging on our standup boards and were approached by three local guys who had been fishing up river a bit.  They timidly asked if they could try standup and were great at it in no time.  Jenny had her “how-to” standup speech all ready to go, but after about only 3 words she looked over and one of the guys was already on his feet paddling around with no problem.  It was really cool to see how happy the guys were just paddling around and trying something new.  Times like that really remind me of how cool standup can be.

local boys

Drake Bay was amazing and kind of hard to leave, but it helped to know that we were headed to Pavones down south.  Pavones is a small beach town known for being one of the three longest lefts in the world.  For a goofy-footer like me it sounded like paradise, so it wasn’t too painful to pack up the Montero and hit the road.

In Pavones, we stayed at the Pavones Yoga Center, a retreat owned by Jenny’s sister Katie.  The view from the yoga studio was unbelievable and I can’t even imagine how killer that retreat will be when she is able to open in a few months.  One afternoon Katie led us through a yoga session in the studio overlooking the ocean and the trees and it was hands down the best yoga atmosphere I have ever been in.

Katie in her Yoga studio

Although the locals assured us that we “didn’t score” in Pavones (we only caught the tail end of an off season swell), the waves were great.  The point has lefts that peel down the line for what seems like forever and the three of us caught more waves than we knew what to do with.  While we were busy in the lineup, Katie’s dogs waited for us patiently on the shore, playing with all the other dogs on the beach.

Pavones was our last stop before heading back to San Jose and it was one of the best ones.  Staying with Katie was really fun.  It was great to get to know her after hearing so much about her from Jenny and I can’t wait to get back to her place when she opens up.

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