In 2010, Jenny Kalmbach and I went on a little adventure. For 6 weeks, we paddled the channels that link together the Hawaiian Islands and played on each of the islands once we got there. The goal of the trip was to have some fun, challenge ourselves, and raise awareness for the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, an organization that researches and quantifies the impacts of plastics in our oceans. We laughed, we cried…well, mostly I cried (I’m a crier), and we had the experience of a lifetime. Through it all, Chris Aguilar of Soul Surf Media Productions was there to document it, and the Destination 3 Degrees movie that he created won “Movie of the Year” at the 2011 SUP Awards by SUPtheMag.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy of the newly-released DVD, here are the details…

click HERE to purchase DVD

The first film to feature stand up paddling , Destination 3 is the story of Morgan Hoesterey and Jenny Kalambach’s crossings of all the Hawaiian channels to raise awareness for Algalita Marine Research Institute. Follow their adventure and learn more about the effects of plastics pollution in our oceans.

The DVD is packaged in all 100% sustainable products- the shrink wrap is wood cellouse based and compostable, the sleeves are 100% post consumer cardboard, the printing is all done with vegetable inks. We went to great lengths to find packaging for this film that included no plastic!

A percentage of all of our sales goes towards Algalita Marine Research Institute

The DVD also features:

– the lost “Kauai” sequence and original Niihau channel sequence
– Super 8 Reel from the trip
– Interviews with Morgan and Jenny about their boards
– Extended interview with Captain Charles Moore
– Some of the original web videos from the trip
– And a complete re-color and re-edit of the original film

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