Five days ago, Gillian Gibree, Chris Aguilar and I piled into a car in San Diego.  Today, I am sitting at a friend’s house in San Fransisco looking through my phone at the instagram photos that were taken along the way.  Flipping through them, it is hard to believe that we were able to squeeze so much fun and connect with so many friends into five days of roadtripping up the California coast.

Day 1:  San Diego to Santa Barbara.

Ridiculous amounts of fog and very little surf made for a long day of errands and driving.  Finally, toward the end of the day, we found a tiny wave at Malibu.

The traveling toy box somewhere just north of Malibu

Malibu was the only place we were able to find that had any kind of a wave at all

Check this place out if you are ever in Santa Barbara. Yum.

Day 2:  Santa Barbara to Jalama.

This was a big day for us.  The coast was still foggy, so we paddled around Santa Barbara Harbor for a bit then headed up to see my friends Chuck Carlson and Ernst Storm at Curtis Winery.  We ended the day camping and hoping for surf that never came at Jalama.

There are tons of cool boats in the Santa Barbara Harbor.

Girl meets tractor.

Winery Mission Accomplished.

My 2 Favorite Winemakers...Ernst Storm and Chuck Carlson

High Tech Marshmallow Toaster in Jalama.

Day 3:  Jalama to Monterey.

We drove into Jalama as the sun went down on day 2 to find glassy water and warm weather.  We set up camp, toasted some marshmallows, went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night to strong, cold wind and a Raccoon invasion.  Needless to say, we didn’t get any surf this morning either, so we had some parking lot breakfast and made our way up to Monterrey where we met up with Brent Allen and Frank Knight from Adventures by the Sea.

Cold but Beautiful Jalama morning

Classy parking lot breakfast on the way to Monterey

Monterey has so much wildlife. It's pretty amazing, actually.

Monterey Bay

Frank's amazing house on the water.

Chris' view of the surf in Monterey

Day 4:  Monterey to Santa Cruz

In Monterey, we woke up at Frank’s amazing house on the water, headed out to surf with Brent Allen and then made our way up to visit my friend Jeff Denholm in Santa Cruz.  Spike TV was also in town to hang out with Jeff, so we all headed out to Steamer Lane to go for an evening paddle with the Ghostryders followed by dinner in Capitola.  Gillian and I ended up surfing really small Steamer lane at sunset the next day.

Gillian and I loading boards for the paddle with Jeff

Lucy...the love of Jeff's life.

Spike TV riding in style.

Flannel everywhere. Gillian and I ready to eat (again) in Capitola

Gillian and Jeff making important decisions in the ice cream aisle at Whole Foods

Day 5:  Santa Cruz to San Fransisco.

Our last day saw us driving to San Fransisco early in the morning to meet up for a paddle and a surf with my friend Igor.  We were hoping for surf at Fort Point, just under the Golden Gate Bridge, but the ocean once again had other plans.  Since there were no waves to be found, we paddled for a bit under the bridge and then ended up surfing a fun and clean Ocean Beach.  Igor then took us to lunch near his house where I received merciless amounts of taunting about my diet.  No surprises there… We finished off the evening with Igor’s Lederhosen-clad friends Brad and Mark at Leopolds, a German restaurant in the city.

Some bridge in San Fransisco.

Gillian's favorite germ infested monument in SF

Proof that I do eat Veggies from time to time. Brussel Sprouts, even.

Brad ready to get his German on.

Gillian getting into the spirit...

More German spirit at Leopolds.

For more on this trip, we will be posting a short series of videos along with blogs and stills that weren’t taken with an iphone in the next few days via

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