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breatH hold course


This 1 day course teaches kids ages 9-15 basic freediving and breath hold techniques that will help make your child more comfortable and confident in the water.  During two separate pool sessions, your child will learn skills to help be more efficient underwater, how to handle hold downs, and will practice relaxing during intimidating situations.



October 17/18.  Santa Cruz, CA
October 19.  Santa Cruz, CA
October 27. Irvine, CA
November 3.  Irvine, CA



We start the course with an introduction to some basic freediving techniques.  By practicing static breath holds in a controlled environment, your child will be better prepared to handle breath holds in less predictable, more intimidating situations.

In the freediving basics session, your child will:

  • get a brief introduction to freediving and breath holding
  • practice breathing techniques
  • practice static apnea (face down breath hold in one spot)

practice basic rescue techniques

The Ocean can be unpredictable.  By learning basic rescue techniques, your child will gain confidence in knowing what to do if something happens to go wrong.

In the rescue session, your child will learn:

  • signs that someone might be in trouble
  • how to prevent a black out
  • how to use a barrier to avoid a double drowning situation
  • how to keep your buddy safe until help can be reached

Real life TYPE scenarios

Now that your child has learned techniques to help maximize their breath hold, the next step is to put those techniques to use in real world type scenarios.  During these scenarios, we will cover:  underwater efficiency, staying calm and relaxed in intimidating situations, and techniques to improve breath hold and oxygen conservation.

Scenarios include (but aren’t limited to):

  • hold downs
  • getting caught inside during a set
  • leash pulls
  • getting stuck upside down
  • getting caught underwater without a breath

register for a course

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