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Morgan Hoesterey:

I grew up as a competitive swimmer in Southern California. After high school, I moved from Southern California to Honolulu to attend the University of Hawaii to train with the UH Swimming and Diving Team. While at UH, I earned a degree in Zoology emphasizing Marine Biology. Honolulu turned out to be a perfect fit for my lifestyle. I spend as much time as possible in or around the water, freediving, paddling, surfing, or participating in local conservation events. Professionally, I works as a freelance photographer and videographer, focusing mostly on underwater photography. My photography can be seen on my company website: Planet Ocean Photography.


Athlete Bio:

Morgan Hoesterey is no stranger to audacious ocean challenges. In July 2008, with just eight months of paddling experience, she became the first woman to attempt and complete the legendary Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race solo on a standup paddleboard. Since opening the doors to women’s endurance racing, she has gone on to compete and place in the sport’s most prestigious events and is constantly on the lookout for her next great adventure.

In april of 2010 she and fellow paddler Jenny Kalmbach became two of five people in the world to standup paddle the entire Hawaiian Island Chain. Destination 3 Degrees was a standup paddle adventure across Hawaii’s legendary channels. Inspired by their love of the ocean, Destination 3° was even more than a standup paddle adventure, more than an ocean challenge, and more than two women pushing the edges of themselves and their sport, it was a way to give back. Destination 3° put Jenny and Morgan in a unique and powerful position to raise awareness and funds to help benefit Algalita Marine Research Foundation in their efforts to understand and protect the oceans from the impacts of plastics contamination.